Who's doing this cobblers?

buddy copy.png

Mr Tom

As chair-tit of the Institute Tom is predominantly responsible for the crap ideas he does his best to inflict on the world.


Mr Buddy

Chief guinea pig, king of saying yes and fabricator of his own name Buddy has one of those brain parasites that makes ants commit suicide.


Mr Rich

Royal descendant and owner of the world's only triple barrelled surname, Rich is the archivist in chief. He points cameras and asks obvious questions.

Special Operations - Botswana

Mr Kester

Named after a mid-century chair manufacturer of some note, Kester is a pilot and engineering finkler who keeps trying to keep us alive.

Mr Charles

Charles Van-Willy-Fingers, is the Institute vet, former bible salesman and general hard man. He won the first Mongol Derby and never escaped.


Mr Carlos

Carlos Del Santiago is the Institute intern, narcoleptic and all round Spanish person. We found him outside the office one day and invited him in.