A few things we've done 



Project El Dorado (In Progress)

Men have search for this legendary place for years. The current most widely accepted theory is that El Dorado was a man, the Gilded Prince, but we're not so sure. We think there was a city, not made of gold but a large civilisation that existed in a location that fits the discriptions. We're working with a team of archeologists, new imaging technology and a man who claims to have been there, to create a film about the history of the search and our man's return to the site he found 30 years ago. Maybe, just maybe we can find the truth behind the myth.

Here's a cheeky little teaser...

Hendricks Perilous Botanical Quest

The maker of the world's finest tipple wanted to make an experimental batch of gin with flavors never before seen. So we introduced them to our friend, mustachioed legend and discoverer of new species, Charles Brewer-Carias. Then we designed an expedition to the jungles to meet with a tribe of Indians and build a distillery under the canopy. Then the brewing and discovering began. We designed the expedition and handled the filming and production.


Vostok Laboratories are one of our most treasured partners in dreaming up and delivering pioneering experiences for our clients. God bless those Vostokists!
— Jamal Benmiloud, MD of EARN MEDIA

Top Secret Research

We can't tell you much about this yet. But we scoured the globe to find the most innovative and incredible technology pioneers alive today to partner with a household name company that is getting back to it's roots.



The World's Longest Horse Race

The Mongol Derby isn't just any old horse race, this is the toughest and longest horse race on planet earth. It needs over 1000 horses which are vetted and trained plus a staff of nearly 200. We re-build Genghis Khan's ancient postal network. It got The Adventurists their first Guinness world record. We invented and built the event from scratch.


And the rest...

We've got decades of experience in building some of the world's most unusual experiences and adventures. As well as all this we're always working on our own sneaky projects.