The architects of adventure

We won't colour in your logo. We won't take a pronoun off the name of your product. We have ideas and make things happen in the real world. Helping you harness the marvellousness that is the word adventure.

We think adventure is the emperor of content simply because it is. There's no better story than a tale of wild adventuring. That's why children's books are all about jungles, deserts and monsters. Humans need adventure and a good one will deliver incredible stories.

Be it content creation, audience engagement, press trips, brand alignment or sponsorships, if it's difficult or unusual, we're the badgers to call. We design whole new adventures and events, delivering them from the ideas through to handing over a finished film or product.

We're named after Yuri Gagarin's space ship, the Vostok 2. One of the greatest feats of derring do in the history of mankind, Yuri was fired into orbit in a tiny metal ball which one day later plummeted back to Earth. He had to leap out before it hit the ground and turned him into spaceman soup. One of the best adventures of all time and it did pretty well for content becoming the talking point for planet for months.