Adventurists R&D

The Adventurists exists to save the world from the horrors of modern life. From coffee cups that warn you they're hot, from training courses to use a ladder, from mobile phones that tell you where you are. Fuck that. The world needs to get burnt, fall off ladders and get lost. To make sure The Adventurists are at the blunt cutting edge of adventure we founded the Institute of Adventure Research. It's like our Skunk Works, but more ridiculous and with much less money. The crucible of stupid. But somehow through the haze of bad ideas come the marvels of all sorts of wondrous little sticks of chaos to shove under your ergonomically designed office chair.

And not to forget, that through all this ludicrousness The Adventurists have raised millions of pounds for charities around the world.

The process of giving birth to a new adventure works like this... 

Step 1: The Test Run. The members of the Institute go out and whip up a sort of adventuring mess and inflict it upon themselves. If they come out the other end thinking this was in fact a very splendid thing to do and is something the world needs, the adventure progresses onto...

Step 2: The Pioneers Adventure. At this point we send out invites to some of the fine folk we've spotted enjoying our other adventures requesting their help to pioneer the full blown edition. If the pioneers come out the other end of that with a good percentage of limbs it moves on to..

Step 3: The Full Adventure. Where it gets offered to you, the people, to help in your own fight to make the world less boring.

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